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HH5 Connection Dropping Frequently

Hi, we have infinity 1 and have been enjoying it sine November when It was installed. Since the 17th February the connection will drop about once every 30 minutes for roughtly 30 seconds to one minute each time. Sometimes the light on the HH5 will stay blue, sometimes It goes orange with an orange B. Sometimes the helpdesk stats show the DSL uptime as uninterrupted but sometimes it shows it was reset at the time the connection dropped. Sine 17/2/16 it hasn't counted above 1 day before resetting. 


I've tried resetting the HH5 to factory, changed the channels, disables 5ghz, everything I can think of. I called support Yesterday who identified " a possible line fault" and scheduled someone from "networking" to call me today. They have just been on an couldn't help me any further than suggesting I use an ethernet cable which is obviously not possible with many of today's devices. 


I mentioned the routers firmware was updated on 17/2/16 which is when the problems began and without hesitation the lady advised she would send a new router so I'm guessing the FW is bad. The FW version is : Software version (Type A) Last updated 17/02/16.


Could anyone shed any light on this and possibly suggest a fix or workaround? If it was once or twice a day it would be bareable but it is near constant.




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