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HH5 - Still to be avoided?

Just returning after a few months away.

I am aware that BT do like to remove some posts they deem "inappropriate" but hopefully they will let this one stand.

I am on Infinity 2, have been for some time now.

I "upgraded" to a HH5 early last year but had nothing but problems. My once stable connection started dropping almost hourly to start with. Systems kicked into play and my one stable 74/16 connection dropped to somewhere around 46/10.

I eventually got an engineer visit and a new pair was installed from my cabinet, we moved the master socket back to the one just inside the house and an internal extension was run from there to the upsrairs bedroom - so we bypassed all internal wiring.

This still didn't make much difference and in the end I removed the HH5 and went back to my HH3 with White modem combination. About a month later all was well once more and since then the connection has been stable and I'm at 74/15.


I know I wasn't the only one with HH5 issues and I also know that BT said "there is nothing wrong with this device" - although I was advised by both an online person and the engineer to stick with my HH3.

Just wondering if the HH5 issues have now been resolved and if it would be safe to go back to using it?

I know what people say, "If it isn't broken don't fix it..." but the HH5 was preferred as it was an all-in-one unit etc.



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Re: HH5 - Still to be avoided?

Have a read of some of the recent posts about software updates etc and make up your own mind but if I were you I would stick with what you have or buy a third party VDSLmodem/router if you really want an all in one box.

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Re: HH5 - Still to be avoided?

I use a HH5 and it is ok like many others but there is no point changing what is working well for you - so I would stick with what you have

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Re: HH5 - Still to be avoided?

I have experienced both ends of the spectrum, with the same HH5.
I HATED my HH5 when  I had a difficult to fix line fault. They are hopeless on an unstable line and I had to revert to the OR modem and HH3 because it held the connection better.
Now that my line fault has been finally fixed and I am on a stable connection again, I have gone back to the HH5 because I like the one box solution. The HH5 has now proven itself to be a good piece of kit that no longer drops out and has good wireless connectivity. I now love it!
I had several engineer visits in recent months who all have their own opinion on the HH5, just like the rest of us. The HH5 doesn't seem to be a universally good performer and won't behave itself on some lines. It often feels like we all have to experiment with different equipment combinations to find out what works best for us on our individual lines. 
The HH5 has now had a firmware upgrade that is gradually being distributed to users. Hopefully it will improve things still further.