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Halo 3 dropping intermittently

Hi, I can see similar posts but I haven't found a solution on the forum.

Halo 3 is dropping intermittently.  I ran all the checks suggested, quiet line, turning on/off, resetting etc...  Called BT who checked they system and they sent an engineer.  Engineer visited to check internal wiring.  He changed hub and wall socket.  Said that everything coming into the house was ok.  I requested another hybrid connect as the one we had was not working.  This arrived and got connected.  The internet is still dropping but the router is staying blue, as it's staying blue the hybrid is not kicking in as it thinks everything is ok.  We initially thought it was just wi fi that was the issue.  I spoke to BT and the engineer on the telephone ran an ACS test, I believe this spreads everything over the channels.  Since then, the computer directly connected to the router is very slow when on the internet and wi fi is dropping and speed appears to be slow.  Each time I do a speed test, it either doesn't work or states that we are getting 45 up and 18 down.  The cabinet is about 100meters away from the house.  BT are sending me another halo disc.  We have one already and I believe can have up to 3.  I don't think this is going to solve the issue but it will help with wi fi.  Done wi fi tests all around the house and it is excellent in most parts, so there shouldn't be an issue with wi fi connection.

In the technical log of the hub we were getting PPP PADI all the time with the previous router.  This message has not come up with the new router, but it seems to be trying to port forward and then cancelling the port forward.  All devices are set to not port forward.

Port forwarding rule deleted via UPnP/TR064. Protocol: TCP, external ports: any->5554, internal client:

Port forwarding rule added via UPnP/TR064. Protocol: TCP, external ports: any->8080, internal ports: 8080, internal client:

Does anyone have any ideas on anything else to try to suggest to BT.  I'm stuck in my contract with them until 2024.


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Re: Halo 3 dropping intermittently

If the hub is staying blue as you say that points towards the wifi dropping & not the internet so in that case another disc may well be the correct solution

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