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Have had to downgrade to ADSL

Hi all


I have posted in different threads about ordering infinity and only getting 1Mbps (when the connection doesn't drop) despite being guaranteed 33Mbps and I have to say the whole experience in getting the matter resolved has been nothing short of a disgrace.


After 4 week of faffing about by BT, I was informed that the speed I was getting was the max I could get and that that I could cancel or go back to ADSL without ANY EXPLANATION as to what had happened or if there was any likely upgrade in the immediate future. In other words they didn't know or nobody would tell them.


After this  I emailed the local governemt department who within two hours had put me in touch with a BT Wholesale department who explained exactly what had happened and what the future plans where.


At this I decided I would go back to an ADSL product only to discover that I couldn't resume my old contract and that I would have to sign up to an new 18 month contract where the minimun guaranteed speed was 25% (Previously 2Mbps now 512Kbps) of the one on my previous contract and the earliest they could do this would be next Wednesday.


None of this is my fault and the fact they won't prioritse correcting my issue is symbolic of Broadband services in the UK. I'm sure that everyone I've spoken to has been as helpful as possible but if any other company was to make an error as serious as this they would be doing their best to fix it there and then


Bottom line is there is no accountability for BT or Openreach as there is no alternative and you bet they know that

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Re: Have had to downgrade to ADSL



The only way to get better broadband is if you are in a Virginmedia area. They supply broadband by a different system using HFC [Hybrid Fibre Cable] where the connection in you property is by Coax and not twsited copper pair. In any other area whether you use BT internet or oneof the other suppliers, you still need a BT line into your premises. SO if you atre not in an upgrade area with access to Infinity, then you you have to suffer low speeds over tisted pair over overhead lines to your local exchange. I am contracted for up to 17Mb but only recieve 1.2Mb [downhill with a following wind] and connected to over 3.6 Km copper overhead lines to the cabinet. What is so annoying is that there is a upgraded cabinet in the village 300m away but only feeds property in the opposite direction to me. There is no technical reeason why I can't be connected to new cabinet just BT stupidity. 

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