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High ping on Valve servers



Over the past month or so, ive noticed im getting a ping of over 200 on Valve servers on Team Fortess 2. For the past 2 weeks, it seemed to had settled down a little to about 70 ping, which i can play on but now its back to 200+. After starting a steam forum thread about this, i soo realised that everyone that has the problem is on BT infinity. One guy added me and we discussed what we was on and what problems we were getting and they were identical. BT Homehub 4, high ping only on Valve servers


Ive reset my connection in a million different ways suggested by different people and none of that did anything. From a few searches, some people fixed the issue by getting mods to change their latency type from Interleaved to Fast, but i dont know what im on so i cant tell if thats the issue.


I dont know what im meant to post but this is all the specs under "Helpdesk":

1. Product name:BT Home Hub
2. Serial number:+068341+NQ31327903
3. Firmware version:Software version (Type A) Last updated 10/05/14
4. Board version:BT Hub 4A
5. WAN:PPP Connected
6. Data sent/received:136.1 MB / 415.5 MB
7. Broadband
8. BT FON:Yes
9. 2.4 GHz Wireless network/SSID:BTHub4-XS3P
10. 2.4 GHz Wireless connections:Enabled (802.11 b/g/n (Recommended)) 20 MHz, WPS enabled
11. 2.4 GHz Wireless security:WPA and WPA2
12. 2.4 GHz Wireless channel:Automatic / 11
13. 5 GHz Wireless network/SSID:BTHub4-XS3P
14. 5 GHz Wireless connections:Enabled (802.11 n 40 MHz (Recommended)) 20/40 MHz, WPS enabled
15. 5 GHz Wireless security:WPA2
16. 5 GHz Wireless channel:Automatic / 40
17. Firewall:Default
18. MAC Address:2c:39:96:6b:7d:56
19. Software variant:-
20. Boot loader:-
BT Home Hub 4 (Type A) | Software version | Last updated 10/05/14


Any help?

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Re: High ping on Valve servers

Just got off the phone with someone from BT trying to convince me its an issue either my end or Valve's end (Even though it happens on non valve games also). Valve have told me its my ISP, which i am 100% certain it is, and she is just telling me to reset my router just once more.

Hope the forum can save me here
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