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High ping spikes with no causal links

I've seen many people saying their ping spikes when another device is streaming Netflix for example. But for me, even when everybody else in the house is asleep, I sometimes get huge spikes in ping and reduced speeds. This has been happening for over a year now. It started off with bad ping spikes, then our speeds became constantly slow so someone was sent out to our local box or something and fixed the awful speeds. But the random ping spikes never seemed to leave.

I feel the problem is pretty common, so why isn't it being addressed? I've even seen people here be recommended just to switch providers on a BT help forum... it's embarrassing. It's been so frustrating trying to game on such an unreliable connection and I'm definitely switching provider at the end of the year if someone can't help. We've never had this problem with any other ISP and these spikes happen on all our devices, wired or not.

I managed to do a speedtest during one of these spikes:


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