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Home Hub 5 reboot issue and DLM

Well like many others I have been caught up with the new firmware and constant reboot / resync of the HH5 (across two HH5's annoyingly).

As a result of all the carry on I have now been hit with DLM for the first time and have lost sync speed an fast path for first time since installation 18months ago. I have now swapped in an EIC modem and 3rd party router which has me back online with no disconnects so far as I can tell.

Couple of questions for help if I may:

- am I able to view the vdsl link uptime anywhere / anyhow? Not looking for full stats, just uptime. Modem is not hacked and router does not display details on PPPoE connection. Just trying to confirm all now rosy and stable.
- how long can I expect until DLM reverts line back to previous settings? Bit peeved to have lost stability due to a firmware issue but would be more annoyed if it didn't correct through time!
- finally does DLM resync itself when wanting to make improvements (interleaving off etc) or do you have to manually reboot modem after a period of stability?

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Re: Home Hub 5 reboot issue and DLM

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Re: Home Hub 5 reboot issue and DLM

This bothers me too. It's bad enough that BT have inflicted this problem on us in the first place. Having to wait for the dreaded DLM to get us back to the speeds we had before (if it ever does), is adding insult to injury!

Until we get a proper fix for these problems, future reboots and resyncs are only going to reduce our speeds further.
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