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Home move “service” - An example of how not to do things

On 13  October, I notified BT that I was moving house on 30 October.  I put in an order for G.Fast, along with TV, Sport, everything and was promised a smooth transition (as the property already had G.Fast set up).


A few days before the move I received a text to say that my order had been cancelled, no reason was given.  I spent an hour on hold to BT and was told that the owner of the line had rejected a transfer but not to worry, as completion date was agreed the order could be reinstated but my line would not be active until 4 Nov, when an engineer would visit between 7 and 9am.


In the mean time a mini hub would give me connectivity and both of our BT mobiles would have unlimited data.  We discovered upon moving that network coverage is very poor in our area (despite the checker saying otherwise).


BT then sent the Smart Hub 2 to my old address... I spent an hour on hold to advise them of this and another was sent on 3 November, to the correct address!


At 10am on 4 November no engineer had attended, I checked my order and it had been updated to say a visit was “N/A”.  I plugged in the Smart Hub, nothing but an orange light... the event log showing that connections had been refused by BT.


Another hour on hold and then I was passed between teams... eventually landing with the home move team.  I was told that Openreach had rejected the order but had not cancelled it.  The advisor told me that he needed to “untangle my spaghetti”, cancel all open orders with Openreach and then resubmit them, this would take 24 hours I was told.


Over the course of the last week I have spent around 10 hours on the phone to BT.  Each time the home move team claim they are talking to a manager in Openreach and that the orders will be cancelled at their end within hours, that I will get a call back... when I do, Openreach have still failed to do what they need to 

I’ve asked for my call to be escalated, I’ve asked to speak with managers, I’ve asked for a complaint to be logged.  I’ve even asked exactly what Openreach have to actually do to sort this out and whether I can talk to them.


Every advisor has promised a resolution within 24 hours and then an expedited connection will follow... I’ve been without a broadband connection for 14 days and have had to buy an internet dongle and SIM card from another provider to try and work from home.


BT seem unable or unwilling to address this issue with Openreach.  I’m now minded to ask for a new line (not a take over of the current one) with another provider.  I’m simply unable to work from home due to their negligence and have utterly lost patience with BT staff who can’t offer any resolution.

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Re: Home move “service” - An example of how not to do things

Hi @Leebobs 

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the Community.

I'm really sorry to see the difficulty you have had getting your services moved to your new address.  I moved house myself recently and it's stressful enough without having all this pile up on top of the move itself.

Are you any further forward since you posted this?  Please let me know how things are and if you're still in the same boat we'll be happy to step in and find out what's causing the hold up with your order.



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