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Home move went wrong - Now Openreach wont cancel - Wife is Nurse WFH

I am still really not sure what is going on.

We had our home move booked for Friday 20th November and our services didn't move over. On Saturday I waited on hold for 2 hours and eventually got through. Apparently our broadband move was booked for the 20th, but landline was booked for the 26th?! We do not care about keeping the number but somehow this was booked in. I was advised on Saturday to cancel everything and start again at our new property.

Since then, every day I have spoken to BT and they are unable to do anything because Openreach wont cancel the original order.

We are absolutely desperate now because my wife is a nurse working from home and is having to break lockdown to work in a colleague's living room as the provided 4G minihub is not suitable for what she does. This is stressing us out immensely as we do not understand what is going on and is actually directly affecting some patients' care in the NHS.

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Re: Home move went wrong - Now Openreach wont cancel - Wife is Nurse WFH

Hi @Moving4Motion I'm really sorry about the delay in getting your services activated. I've sent you a private message so you can get in touch with the moderation team and we'll be happy to see if anything can be done to get things moving. 

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