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HomeHub 6...insisting on acting as HotSpot even though BT-Wifi is disabled

Hi there,

I hope somebody can help. The subject pretty much describes what is going on. BT Wifi is not enabled through my account settings but since a couple of days ago my router has started acting as a Hotspot (BT Wifi FON, BT Wifi X). I spoke to online chat yesterday who said they had disabled BT Wifi for me (even though it was already disabled?) and that it would fix within a couple of hours. The hotspot is still there. I have tried a range of things:

- Rebooting the rooter

- Enabling then disabling BT Wifi, then rebooting

- Speaking to technical support online chat who said they had fixed it (and haven't)

Despite this the hotspot remains. If anybody has any ideas I would be very grateful as technical support are not filling me with confidence anymore.





(Status and technical log below)


Connection statusConnected
BT Broadband / BT Infinity / BT Infinity 3 and 4BT Infinity
Firmware versionv0.09.06.05093-BT (Wed May  9 17:52:38 2018)
Serial number1749090206
Downstream sync speed16 Mbps
Upstream sync speed2 Mbps
Network uptime0 days 9 Hours 5 Mins 5 Secs
System uptime0 days 20 Hours 55 Mins 55 Secs
BT Wi-fi statusYes



Product nameHomeHub6
Serial number1749090206
Fireware versionv0.09.06.05093-BT (Wed May  9 17:52:38 2018)
Board version1
DSL uptime0 days 9 Hours 4 Mins 49 Secs
Data rate2Mbps/16Mbps
Maximum Data rate2 Mbps/16 Mbps
Noise margin58/36
Line attenuation441/314
Signal attenuation408/257
BT Wi-FiActivated
2.4 GHz wireless network nameBTHub6-QJ58
2.4 GHz wireless channelAutomatic (Smart Wireless)
5 GHz wireless network nameBTHub6-QJ58
5 GHz wireless channelAutomatic (Smart Wireless)
Band steeringNo
Wireless securityMode 1
MAC addressEC:F4:51:AC:CB:4A
Software variant-
Boot loader 0.1.6-BT (Fri Sep  9 10:05:09 2016)
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: HomeHub 6...insisting on acting as HotSpot even though BT-Wifi is disabled

from all that you have done it sometimes can take 7/10 days for hub to be updated with BTWIFI disabled

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Re: HomeHub 6...insisting on acting as HotSpot even though BT-Wifi is disabled

Thanks for the reply. This doesn't explain why all of a sudden it switched itself on though without me doing anything. If I can't fix it I'll just have to swap the router out for a 3rd party one.

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