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Hosted email issues - Blacklisted IP address?



I have been having problems with an email address for a domain that I own.  The domain is hosted by TSOHost and uses cPanel for email.  Last week, all email address stopped working (4 family addresses) and after contacting TSOHost, I was told that they had migrated to new servers and a setting hadn't automatically been changed.  I was given the correct server names and settings and all was well until yesterday, when we got back home from holiday and noticed emails were not sending.

To be more precise, my wife could not send from her iPhone, so I checked my PC, using Outlook as the client and found that email was neither being sent or received.  I looked at all of the settings but nothing had changed, so deleted the account from outlook and tried to reinstall it, however it failed to set up every time.

After a long online chat with a TSOHost adviser, I was eventually told that it was because my IP address was blacklisted in 3 places and needed resolving.

Firstly is it possible that this issue is causing both the email set up failure and the original send/receive failure and if so, what can I do to resolve it?



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Re: Hosted email issues - Blacklisted IP address?


All residential IP addresses are blacklisted by a wide variety of systems. This is to help prevent spam reaching the inboxes of those that use these blacklists due to trojans/viruses using hijacked machines sending direct spam from them.

However, as you're using a domain supplier - and assume that your server is based on your domain name, then it is your host you need to contact again to ask what they are doing, possibly with their settings for their new servers.

If emails can't be sent, then your host is causing that issue - they are the ones to resolve it.

The issue will not be your (assumed) residential IP address - which is dynamic and can change after a router power cycle, or a generic change. Hence any IP address you get will be the same problem.


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