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I'm fed up of being fobbed off

When we first got BT infinity it was great no problems no issues. After a few months speed dropped, connection dropped intermittently. We phoned they sent new hub, it was fine. Then we started with devices disconnecting. Phoned BT again and was told it was our devices that was faulty. (Really? All at the same time) we finally spoke to someone inthe UK that changed 'something' yes we were back on.
About 3 months ago guess what Internet went down again and after numerous calls to bt they told us they couldn't see any fault. We were stuck so got the engineer out who said it was a faulty wire. So replace and we were all good again.
This morning no internet again. Another call to BT who now say the hub is broken and want to charge us for another No Way. My husband is currently researching other providers.
I've never ever had such rubbish connection and then lack of help afterwards. BT don't care. They not providing the service we are signed up for but yet won't investigate why we keep having these issues every few weeks. They just keep charging more and more and then want us to pay to fix it.
No way and never ever recommend.
After sales is rubbish
I rely on the Internet as I own my
Own business and I'm spending days and weeks without it. Through no fault of our own but yet Bt won't help other charge us for something else.
I'm not buying anything else or paying anyone else to come out. I've spent enough on BT and I've still no internet.
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Re: I'm fed up of being fobbed off

I haven't tried it myself yet, but your best bet is to maybe purchase a new router + Openreach Modem.


Not the best answer unfortunately, but the fact so many people are complaining and BT are too stubborn to actually acknowledge anything, it's probably gonna be like this for the rest of the year.


The thing is, everyone who posts complaints here are using the Home Hub 5. I've never seen someone post anything negative when using their own private router.

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Re: I'm fed up of being fobbed off

MY experience of BT is the complete opposite. My speed dropped from 19Mbps to 13Mbps....I rang BT ( India ) and an Engineer visit was arranged for 2 days time. BT Engineer arrived at the appointed time.....checked all my Equipment and told me that there was something wrong with the line.......he went away saying he would be back in about an Wife saw him twice, each time with his head stuck down a BT Culvert.........after about 90 minutes he returned and said that he had traced my Line all the way back to the Box and had made all new connections from my Hub to the Main Cabinet. He then tested the line and hey presto it showed 29Mbps Down and 6Mbps up. RESULT.......that was nearly 6 months ago and my speeds have remained constant with no dropouts at all. I have a Home Hub 5A, I live out in the sticks and the Fibre Cabinet is about 800 yards away. I am on Infinity1.

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Re: I'm fed up of being fobbed off

Try a quite line test

  1. Dial 17070.  You will reach BT's line test facility.(Try and use the test socket for the best results)
  2. Choose option 2 from the menu presented - "Quiet Line Test".
  3. There should be no noise. If their is you should report to BT

Hope this helps. Any questions I will be glad to try and answer them :smileyhappy:

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Re: I'm fed up of being fobbed off

Can you run this checker and post back a screen shot of the results

and use this speed tester then carry out the further diagnostics and post back a screen shot of all the results including your IP profile for up and down. This test must be done with a wired connection.

if you have a Homehub 5 can you also post the stats from 1-12 by logging onto the homehub management pages then troubleshooting > helpdesk. http://bthomehub.home/
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