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IP Profile Incorrect 73.3 for 80Mbps


I sync at the full 80Mbps however my IP profile wont go any higher than 73.3. it used to be 77.35. Speed tests are around 70Mbps when they used to be 75Mbps.

Here are my Modem Stats:

Downstream Upstream
Line attenuation (dB): 16.0 0.0
Signal attenuation (dB): Not monitored
Connection speed (kbps): 79999 20000
SNR margin (dB): 3.4 7.6
Power (dBm): 14.0 6.9
Interleave depth: 8 1
INP: 47.00 0
G.INP: Enabled Not enabled
Vectoring status: 5 (VECT_UNCONFIGURED)

I have tried the smart hub and still the same issue. BT live chat say everything is fine and it is showing the correct IP profile and SVLAN of 76.

Speedtest shot:


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