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IPV4 DHCP failure BusinessHUB

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Hi there

Business customer here. 

Had an interesting fault develop. I think the businesshub has become corrupted. (Tried factory reset but oroblem persits). I think I need a new hub sent out. We had a flickering type power fault in our area. 

Problems details follow:

When connecting wirelessly or wired to the hub the DHCP  addresses are only set correctly for IPV6. IPV4 addresses get allocated to windows (and android) as etc... 

However the default for the hub is 

I can connect wirelessly but due to the ip mismatch but for everything that requires ipv4 nothing is routed correctly . If I statically change the ip address on a laptop to and set the default gateway to DNS to (or  Everything works. 

Interestingly the All of the hubs settings have remained the same. But as of this afternoon only IPV6 addresses get correct settings from the DHCP. So only sites using IPV6 are accessible. 

The IP address of the hub is still the subnet mask is still

The DHCP range is still - (Default)

But the IPV4 addresses received by the connecting machines are all in the range - 120 or so. 

Is this common? A hardware faut?  Or perhaps a firmware update that has a bug?

Though the firmware hasn't updated that recently....

BT Business Hub 5 (Type A) | Software version | Last updated 20/11/19



As a workaround I am going to try and get all ipv4 stuff I need to work setup with static addresses. (Or I might be able to set up an independent dhcp server if I can find a spare box or the time).... 

I have held the firmware reset button in for fifteen seconds or so as advised that this might sort it out (when turning off and on again did not work)....

The same problem persists.  So think there is something more severe happening Perhaps the box is on it's way out. 

How would I go about getting a replacement?

I'll try the business helpline in the morning in between Zoom Classes and nursery runs and work e-mails.

And update if anyone has simlair issues....

Thanks in advance if anyone know of a simple fix. 

All the best






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Re: IPV4 DHCP failure BusinessHUB

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We can't help you as this is a BT Residential forum. Post on the business forum. 

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