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Community Manager
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Improving our broadband help

Hi Everyone,

In the BT Digital Help team, we’ve been looking at how we can help you solve broadband connection problems more easily online.

We’ve just launched our new step-by-step journey based content which we hope will make things easier.

Fix a broadband connection problem


Why we made a change

We know from talking to you that you find some of our broadband connection help content hard to search for and understand.

You’ve told us that you want clear and specific information that you can follow to fix your connection issues quickly and easily. Our new content tackles this by: 

  • providing all the key information you need in clear steps in one journey flow
  • giving you information based only on the criteria you select e.g a specific hub


Next steps and feedback

Our initial monitoring results show that people are finding the new content easier to use and need less additional help to fix issues after following the steps.

We’ll be progressing work to incorporate our service status checking tool directly into the content journey.

We’re also going to continue to improve the content based on your feedback.

Please try our new fix your broadband connection help and let us know what you think.