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Re: Infinity 1 Basically broken (Repeat of old issue)

Further update. Called up BT yesterday to check what’s happening since faulty track website doesn’t work. They spoke to open reach who told them it was all fixed. BT confused as they had to dig up the road and saw no evidence of it happening. Booked a second engineer visit for today.

Received a call this morning from the engineer wondering why he had two jobs and one closed that needed traffic lights. I explained situation he carried on no problem.

He reported back later in the day they couldn’t find a single thing in the village all along the road but it also hadn’t rained but there was no evidence of damp connections and that it was very expensive to have them digging up the road. Said to ring back if it goes off again.

BT have said work everything is now fixed and should be working. Line still has intermittent crackle (but much better). Internet speed still poor. Guess i’ll Be waiting for it to rain again.
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