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Infinity 2 Broadband, no cabinet space or eta on availability

Hello All,

I am writing about infinity 2 in my area. I live in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO22 9AD. I have been trying to upgrade my standard broadband for a little while now and am constantly told that while infinity 2 is active in my area it is currently unavailable due to lack of cabinet space.


I was told on the phone that there is no way of finding out a lead time for slots to be available, I was told to register my interest to be put on a waiting list. I have been unable to find the waiting list so right now all I have been doing is checking regularly online to see if it is available. It seems pretty insane that in such a populated area the only internet speeds available are 2-5mbps with no notice given on how long it will take for upgrades to become available. 


Does anyone know how long it will take for a slot to become free ? Or could anyone point me in the direction of someone to speak to who could give me an estimate ? I am seriously thinking about moving places to find an area where infinity is available, I rely on the internet for work and right now it’s not possible to do anything due to such bad upload/download speeds and poor ping. Another question I had is as to whether other providers still have slot space in the cabinet, i.e if I switched providers would I then be able to get fibre optic ? If so I would change straight away.


Any help appreciated !





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Re: Infinity 2 Broadband, no cabinet space or eta on availability

If a cabinet is full, slots that become available are issued on a first come first served basis to all the ISP that use that cabinet. ie. If TalkTalk asked for four slots then BT asked for one slot then TalkTalk asked for another slot the four Talk Talk slots would be filled first then the BT one then the last Talk Talk one so moving ISP would not help and would put you at the back of the queue.


All you can do is register your interest and wait. There is no set time because you are waiting for somebody to stop using the slot or until Openreach add capacity to the cabinet. Openreach will not divulge if and when they will do that.

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