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Infinity 2 speed now worse than my old broadband

Hi all,


Upgraded from unlimited broadband to infinity 2 on Friday, and at first the speeds were great with 78down/20up.


But the last couple of days it has been very much sporadic, sometimes with web pages not loading easily. 


I had online chat last night who registered a fault, and a call centre called this evening when web pages were opening and the speed test showed 39/10, but being half the original speed the representative still deemed this acceptable.


Tonight the BT speed test showed 3.22down/6.66up, and after factory resetting etc I'm about ready getting BT to put me back on standard BB.


Any ideas or help out there?

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Re: Infinity 2 speed now worse than my old broadband

i had the same thing.

even though the numbers looked good compared to my previous 6mbps and now 52mbps which kept dropping to below 30mbps it should of still been faster than the previous 6mbps but it wasnt. pages were taking 2-3 times longer to load and you tube was still buffering.

have to add this was on wifi though as the engineer had no intention of running a cable to my room.

all the tests done from bt's end were normal they said.

higher ranking engineer came last friday and installed another extention in my room and been on continuous 52mbps ever since and everything is running fast including opening pages again.

so complaing to call centre and hopefully they will sort you out.


could you also run these tests for us and post the screen shots: after the first test press further diagnostics. enter phone number in top box and click ok.



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