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Infinity Broadband Speed Checker

Great news BT tells me .. I can get Infinity:


Estimated speeds:

Download 26.4MB

Upload 5.7Mb.


Sounds fine so I order it.


Now installed (Hub 4) over a week and the actual delivery (best speeds) is:

Download 15.14Mb

Upload 0.53MB

I'm 1300m from the fibre cabiinet with the last 200m of cable being overhead.

No internal wiring in the house, just the main socket.


Openreach engineer tests line after I reported fault and declaires it to be fine and that's the best I am going to get.


Since my upload speed with Infinity has hardly improved over olde worlde broadband and the download has scarcely doubled it seems that to have Infinity is a waste of money.


Seems like fraudulent sales tactics by making claims that the vendor must have known could not be delivered.


Anyone else had such massive disappointment?











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Re: Infinity Broadband Speed Checker

Was your estimated speed based on you entering your phone number or was it a post code estimate? A post code estimate is more like a guess and the phone number one should have been nearer the mark.


Run this speed tester and note your IP profile in the diagnostic section. This will let you see what your line can achieve.

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Re: Infinity Broadband Speed Checker

Apologies gg30340, been away for a couple of days.


Estimate was based on phone number not just post code. 

The post code points to a place up a farm track that's about another 400m further away from cabinet.

IP profile has now gone down to 15.04Mbps download (achieving 14.76) and upload profile is 10mbps but is now achieving a staggering 0.58Mbps and they say in the results message that they are unable to identify any performance problems.  Think they need a better diagnostic!


Anyway the sales folks have said that I can cancel Infinity any time at no cost as they agree that they've sold me a pup.

But then there's also the one-time setup costs plus shipping costs for the HH4.


Judging by the number of other postees griping about actual vs.. predicted I think that there is a case to take BT to the Advertising Standards Authority.


The sales people did also say (translated into colloquial) as to "not my fault, Gov; it was those people at Openreach that gave us the duff info"  Pass the buck time.




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