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Infinity - Problems not being resolved by BT

We had Infinity installed 23/10/13. It worked for 30 mins then stopped

Over the next 2 days spent many hours takling to BT help. Eventually sent new hub. This took 5 days to arrive!!!

This also did not work. No broadband at all! 

Spent many hours talking to BT help over next few days. No resolution, they always had to check something and then get back to me.

On 02/11/13 asked BT to remove the infinity and reconnect us back to original broadband.

On 09/11/13, BT had done nothing to help!!!! and we started another conversation where BT started checking again.

Eventually they told us that we would be connected on 11/11/13. This did not happen. It is now 20 days since the broadband stopped working and I do not know when this issue will be resolved or what BT are actually doing about it. We have asked for an engineer to come out and fix it (I think we are entitled to this after all our agravation!!)

BT keep telling us that their line checks have indicated that the line is ok and the hub should work. I have suggested that the fault may well be with the new phone socket installed to plug in the Infinity. We are currently desperate to get our broadband back. it is affecting our business and financial affairs in not being able to get online. BT do not seem to appreciate our frustration and are certainly not being proactive in getting us back online. Heeeeeeeelp.

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Re: Infinity - Problems not being resolved by BT

Hi jacktart,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community forum!


I'm sorry for the problems you're having using your BT Infinity service.  I can help sort everything out from here.  To get in touch, click on my username and under the section "about me" you'll see the link to "contact the mods".


Please include the link to this thread when you complete the form and whenever we've received your details we'll take it from there.


Thanks a million,



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