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Infinity Speed Increases - What you need to know

Hi All 


We started taking orders yesterday for Infinity 2 on and since then many of you have raised questions on the forum. Here's a heads-up on what to expect when ordering and what happens next.


I've placed my order but no speed increase


1. Check the order tracker to see when your order is due to complete - it won't complete before this date and please note that orders are completed between midnight and 6am on the day. (link)

2. Check your own equipment - this covers your own setup up to the Openreach socket. Remember to test with a wired (Ethernet) connection if having problems on a wireless setup (more on this below)

3. In a small number of cases you may need to switch the Hub off, and on again, before experiencing any speed increase.

 Remember that whilst the service is 'up to 76Mb', the speed you receive depends on your line - If the line can support 60Mb then that is what you will receive - you can check the estimate for your line here: (link)


 My order shows as completed, what speed should I expect?


We would have given you an estimate of your maximum broadband speed when you placed your BT Infinity order. You can check your actual speed at any time at It is very important for BT Infinity you use the BETA speedtester – it’s the bottom right hand button titled “Above 24Mbps Speed Test (Beta)”. Using another speedtester may give you an inaccurate result.


Your speed test results will show you your current speed, which will vary at different times of day depending on:

1. The way you connect – a wired connection is significantly faster than a wireless one 

2. Your computer’s speed – older computers are usually slower 

3. How busy the Internet is – the busiest times are evenings and weekends 

4. The speed of websites you visit – e.g. some sites cap speeds in busy periods


 80 / 20 stabilisation period


For a re-grade order there is a stabilisation period of 10 days. During this period our systems will temporarily alter the speed of your line (both upwards and downwards) and record data about its error performance. This will enable us to find the best performance/error trade-off for your line.


There are a couple of things you can do to help with this:


  1.  Please DO NOT turn the hub off/on excessively. This can confuse the system that is trying to find your lines stable speed.
  2. AFTER the 10 days please DO turn your home hub off for a minimum of 30 seconds and then on again. This will help the systems set your line to the correct speed.

  3. Please DISREGARD speedtester results during the stabilisation period. This is because during the stabilisation period your line is likely to experience small instabilities. These will not affect normal browsing but when pushing the line to the maximum (ie by running a speedtester) those instabilities may cause a slow speed result. After 10 days this should fix itself and you can again run speedtesters.


Please remember that your line speed is affected by many factors and therefore not everyone will see an increase in the speed, so always check your speed prediction before ordering an upgrade. If your download speed prediction is below 40mbps then it is most likely that you will not see any speed increase if you upgrade, even if your line is currently running faster than the prediction. Similarly if your upload speed prediction is below 10 mbps.


How to get the most out of your new speed


Are you using a wired connection? Your connection will be faster and more stable if you use an Ethernet cable(s) to connect your computer(s) to your Hub. At these faster speeds, we recommend a wired connection. Wireless is best reserved for connecting only your mobile devices and laptops.


Are you using the latest wireless kit? The Home Hub uses ‘n’ standard technology, which gives the fastest wireless connection. You may need to buy an ‘n’ wireless adaptor(s) for your computer(s) to take advantage. If you are unsure about wireless adapters you can ask questions in our community or find out more at


Are you using our broadband software? Our Desktop Help software will optimise your computer settings for your new faster speeds. Download it from Within this, using the PC Healthcheck feature regularly is particularly important to get the best speeds.


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