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Infinity Upgrade - moving master socket

My current BT router is plugged into an extension which runs from our bedroom, outside, then down the wall and back into the living room. The BT master socket is in the dining room and is currently unused.


I want to upgrade to Infinity but the master socket is not close to any power points. It is not feasible to run an extension as the nearest power point is across an open doorway and past radiators (also the wife has forbidden any cables showing in our recently redecorated rooms!).


I thought you could get the master socket moved to the living room to sit next to a power point - but have just phoned BT and was advised at first that it could not be moved - and after further pressing was then told it might be possible but would cost £205?


Can anyone offer any advice is the above correct? Thanks.

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Re: Infinity Upgrade - moving master socket

The installer will do whats needed to provide the kit where you want it installed. Its included in the install. 

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Re: Infinity Upgrade - moving master socket

They can convert an existing extension socket into a new master providing the internal wiring is within spec or a data extension kit can be installed which allows up to 30m of cable to be run to your chosen location.

BT Infinity (EASTF) 58.93/15.94 Mbps [IP Profile: 60.8/20 Mbps] using Openreach Modem & Billion BiPAC 7800N

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Re: Infinity Upgrade - moving master socket

They can fit a data extension cable - but it won't be buried, so that'll be cables trailing around the skirting boards.

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