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Infinity faceplate faulty

I had Infinity installed by BT yesterday. Although he checked the internet connection, the engineer did not test the phone which is, in hindsight, a little odd. When I plugged the phone in there was no dialing tone. After a long time trying to access help, I tried the test socket, which works fine. So it seems the faceplate is faulty. I have spent hours trying to get help - one advisor told me to buy a replacement from a local store. I've now been told that an engineer will have to visit and I will be liable for a three-figure bill if a number of criteria are not met. Excuse me! You installed equipment yesterday which is faulty AND your engineer failed to test it. I am pretty annoyed and don't know what to do. Any advice? I could buy a replacement online but don't see why I should. So at the moment I have to choose between a phone line or internet access.

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Re: Infinity faceplate faulty

are there any wires connected to the detachable front plate?  or are they there but not connected


are you trying the master socket or an extension socket?

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Re: Infinity faceplate faulty

I had the samething the call center just read from a script and always say that. Leave it alone Call them out to fix it and if they tell you this that wasn't done its nothing to with you assuming you've not been nailing stuff down or moving stuff that could catch the line. Then its either bad faceplate or bad install. I had 6 engineers come out in two months and they tried to charge me for an engineer, i just asked them why what did the engineer do that i could be charged for they couldn't answer so they deleted the charge, just keep a note of what the engineer does just incase, but as far as i see the service hasn't be provided as the product is faulty from manufacture, so i would argue sales of goods act as that product is needed for service/product that was sold. All the best.
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