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Infinity installation problems again!

4 years ago the installation of my broadband was so problematic I received an apology from bt's CEO and compensation of £600 . ( and an assurance that bt's relationship with openreach would improve.)

So, when I recently moved house I assumed everything would run smoothly. Wrong !

An openreach engineer was supposed to connect my infinity broadband on Monday ..... But he never turned up! I therefore took the day off work for nothing. On Wednesday I was informed by text that a new appointment had been made .... For next month!!!

I phoned to complain, and after 3 hours on the phone ( mainly on hold ) I was told the appointment would happen tomorrow and I would receive a text this morning confirming this .

No text arrived. So ... After another hour on the phone I spoke with Stephanie at accringtpn who told me that I was 'misinformed' about tomorrow's engineers visit and that due to the bank holiday weekend it would now be next week before I would be given a new installation date.

The reason for the failed engineers visit was given was ' lack of available resources ' . I pointed out that as openreach had failed to keep their appointment they should treat this case as a priority. But no. It appears I just go to the back of the queue again .

This is appalling. I still have no idea when my broadband will be connected, have lost a days work and spent over 4 hours on the phone.

Once again I will be seeking full compensation. Why cant BT get something as simple as a broadband connection right?

I have been a personal BT customer for 20 years and run a business that spends £20000 per year with BT . I am so tempted to transfer my business to another provider that offers good customer service - and keeps their promises ( and answers the phone within half an hour!)

A disappointed customer

Order number VOL12-79735113****

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Re: Infinity installation problems again!

Hi Sunshinemike


Welcome to the forum.


I am sorry to learn of the experience you've had this week, when trying to get Broadband installed.


Send us an email using the contact us link in my profile. You will be able to find this link in the section 'About Me'.





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Re: Infinity installation problems again!


You should remove your order number, this is a public forum.


[edit] Mods on the ballSmiley Wink



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