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Infinity is possibly the worst thing I ever signed up for

Signed up for BT Infinty last year, worked perfectly for about 10 months no issues whatsoever.

Then the Gremlins set in.

The signal kept dropping out, pages took ages to load if they ever did and it drove me nuts especially when working form home.

Rang customer Services - well what a waste of time that was, stupid question after stupid question. I am an intelligent person and I tried everything before I took the plung to waste an hour and phone the Indian helpdesk. These people may be very pleasant but they do not listen, they stick to their script and regardless of me telling them over and over again I have tried all the things they are suggesting they insist of going through the script. 

I was eventually sent a new hub and it made no difference what so ever, in fact the problem is probably worse now than it was before.


I have spoken to my neighbours and they too have expereinced similar problems in the past


All I want is for someone to come and look at the line from the box up the end of the road to my house and tell me they have resolved it. It would  be even better if I could speak to someone who can actually communicate without reading a script.


BT I pay alot of money for Infinity and it is not worth it. Your customer service is appalling and I am so fed up of speaking to India I am seriously considering going back to Sky who may be slower but they do give me continous interent


Even trying to send this post has taken several attempts because the connection from the hub to the outside world.


BT do me a favour and sort this out

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Re: Infinity is possibly the worst thing I ever signed up for

Welcome to this forum.
This is a customer to customer forum only,


This is where customers help each other get the most out of BT products & services.


Does it disconnect if you use a direct Ethernet cable from the home hub to your computer?


Have you tried connecting things up like this to see if it helps?



Is there any noise on your phone when you dial 17070 and select option 2?


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Re: Infinity is possibly the worst thing I ever signed up for

Have you tried the quiet line test dial 17070 option 2 you should hear no noise if you can hear noise then it needs reporting to BT faults on 151 with no mention of broadband in the call
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Re: Infinity is possibly the worst thing I ever signed up for

moving providers will not solve your problem as they all use the same Openreach infrastucture so any problem would follow you
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