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Infinity speed dropped from 36mbps to 9mbps

So in June I moved house and BT fibre is the only available fibre where I live. It was a big change for me switching from virgins 300mbps to bt's 36mbps but it worked. Well it did until 2 week's ago when my speed dropped to 9mbps, I came home from work and watched a YouTube video and it took longer than usual to load so the first thing I done was a speedtest and it came out at 9mbps so I thought it might have been a temp hiccup with my broadband so I left it until the next day and it was still slow. I restarted the hub twice, removed and but back the Ethernet cable and even ran the test on the BT app. The test came out fine so I rang up by and they done further tests and discovered a fault on the line. A engineer was sent out and he said the problem was that where I'm connected to the exchange my cable wasn't fully pressed in. He said it might have been nudged by another engineer by mistake. Anyway on Tuesday I was back upto 36mbps but 3 days after it been fixed it's now dropped back down to 9mbps again . I know the speed is supposed to settle in 10 days but it shouldn't of dropped that much surely? Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Thank you
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Re: Infinity speed dropped from 36mbps to 9mbps

Can you post stats. If hh6 then advanced settings then technical log information 

try quiet line test dial 17070 option 2 should be silent and best with corded phone 

enter phone number and post results.

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