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Infinity speed issues

Last night my Infinity connection dropped and when it came back on the speeds dropped, I checked the Service status site and it said there was issues in my area (Langley)

But since My internet has come back, speeds have dropped from 75mb down, 18mb up to 66mb down and 9mb up and my latency from 12ms to 29ms.

Any chance of a profile reset please? I have reset both HomeHub3 & Modem.

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Re: Infinity speed issues

Well I contacted support and the problem was fixed for two days (tho I had no email back from them) but the issue has come back, download speed down to 61mb, upload isn't too bad at 16mb tho, latency on 30ms when it used to be around 12ms.

According to the bt speed test, there is 79mb going into my house to the hub, from the hub to my computer 61mb?

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Re: Infinity speed issues

Hi Jhey,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. Can you try this speedtester and post the results? If you’re still having problems drop me an email with the details. You’ll find the “contact us” form in the about me section of my profile.





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Re: Infinity speed issues

Ok thanks, I've sent the details via contact form.

62.60 mb down, 14.56 mb up & 40.75 ms - ping latency (big jump from usual 10-12ms especially when gaming) using bt speed test

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Re: Infinity speed issues

After rerunning the speed check, it seems my Profile has been lowered...

used to be 79mb max coming in the house but got around 75mb, now dropped to 69mb and only 65mb download  and upload I used to get 18mb roughly, Latency is still high tho...

It was all fine & fast til the problem with BT Infinity in my area on the 05/05/13 (Langley)

1. Best Effort Test:  -provides background information.

 Download Speed
 65.03 Mbps


0 Mbps69.56 Mbps
Max Achievable Speed
 Download speedachieved during the test was - 65.03 Mbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speedsis 16 Mbps-69.56 Mbps .
 Additional Information:
 IP Profile for your line is - 69.56 Mbps

2. Upstream Test:  -provides background information.

 Upload Speed
 15.34 Mbps
0 Mbps20 Mbps
Max Achievable Speed


Upload speed achieved during the test was - 15.34Mbps
 Additional Information:
 Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is - 20 Mbps
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