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Installation problems

We placed an order for Infinity 2 on 15th Feb after many years of using other broadband service providers. To be honest, we wish we hadnt been lured by the fastest speed on the market and gone for a fibre upgrade just to 70mb/sec instead. We have still not got functioning fibre broadband (despite nice flashing box finally installed by the engineer yesterday, nearly 5 weeks after ordering). Customer services seem completely clueless as to why is isnt working and have told us we will get an "status update" (note update not fix) by 28th March  - thats a week away and the start of the bank holiday weekend. We are on a FTP pilot, but the problems do not seem to be technical due to the fibre to house, but rather due to the attitude of departments in BT to each other and complete inability to actually communicate with each other. We will probably go back to another provider and accept a lower speed when our contract expires. My husband deals with BT on a corporate level and confirms he has similar problems with in house departmental walls.

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Re: Installation problems

Hi wifeywarner,


I am very sorry to see the problem you are facing.

You could try contacting the mods at this link:

They are a UK based speicalist team who have a good track record of getting problems sorted and they will take personal ownership of your problem till it is sorted.

They can take up to 3 days to reply but you should be given a tracking number immediately.


Hope this helps,

Many Thanks,


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