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Interleaving won't turn off even though my line is stable

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Hi, I have a problem I've been plagued with for a while now, I had an Asus modem router and it was extremely sensitive to our phone line and constantly dropped out. We used to be on fastpath and ping times where great for my son's gaming. However we've been on interleaved since the faults and it is dreadful for response time. Work I have had carried out is new modem router (very stable). Our electrician found our main socket to be wired backwards, he clipped new wiring and installed an NTE5 faceplate and it's been great. However, we are still on interleaved, I have not rebooted the router or dropped connection in weeks hoping the DSLAM would put us back to fastpath. So I'm at the mercy of the moderator's
Our error rate is barely visible which is good
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Re: Interleaving won't turn off even though my line is stable

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Hi @Nolierolie welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm afraid that with fibre broadband interleaving is set to Automatic by default and this can't be manually changed and it's fully controlled by DLM. As long as the line remains stable and your error count is low then it will change back on its own but this is not something we can influence sorry.

Community ModeratorNeilO
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