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Internet Keeps Dropping Out

Good Evening

A couple of weeks back a friend of ours who is an electrician changed some faulty plug sockets in the house and also the secondary BT socket to match. 

Since then we seem to get regular lag or disconnects on our internet signal. This will make the hub flash purple, then orange and then after a minute or 2 back to solid blue.

As this isn’t the main BT socket or even the one we have our hub wired into I’m not sure if this change could be the cause or just coincidence.

Any advice would be great, please feel free to ask for any further information.

Thanks for your time and hopeful help

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping Out

it never appears to be a good idea to let an electrician wire your phone connections

have you tried connecting to the test socket in the master socket and see if your connection is more stable. You will need to use a filter 

does connection drop when you make or receive a phone call?

Check for line noise.  Dial 17070 option 2 should be silent apart from announcement and best with corded phone 

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