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Internet not working - Ongoing fault

Hi guys I need some advise. For the past 6 days my internet has not been fully working across all devices which are listed below:

Win 10 Desktop
Samsung S7 / S5 / J3
BT YouView Box (can only get freeview channels, other channels outside this says no internet connection)

Issue persists whether wired or wireless.

When i try to load a website it won't load 90% of the time and when it does load it loads partially.

When i ping websites it tends to go through no problem.

When I send a message via Discord it takes roughly 20 secs before it will send and some times it will send the same message twice. If I connect to a voice channel i can talk for roughly a minute then it will disconnect me from that channel.

I can download games on steam mostly without any drop in speed (around 7.3 MB/s)

It takes multiple attemlts to connect to an online game and when it does it will disconnect after a minute.

When I run a speedtest my speed and ping is excellent however as its a website it can take 20 attempts before it loads.


I didn't do much device wise as it impact multiple devices

I disabled uPnP and firewall on my BT Homehub 5 

I've had a BT engineer install a new phone socket.

BT have now sent me a new HomeHub 5 which also doesn't work either. (3 hubs tested)

My ADSL cable and ethernet cables have been replaced.

Below is the image for a tracert i ran. 

You will see a Linksys IP address as i run an ethernet cable from my BT homehub 5 upstairs to my Linksys WRT1900ac and yes ive tried the same tests connected directly to the homehub via ethernet.


BT said they're going to send out a second engineer now even though the first engineer said the wiring is fine.

I tried to tell them that it's a waste of time but they insisted. 

I've then texted my cousin explaining my situation as he installs networking systems.  He called me back with an Openreach Engineer beside him and the engineer also agrees that he thinks another engineer is pointless as he believes it's most likely a bad port at the exchange causing the issue.

Meanwhile I'ved missed a weeks worth of wages as I work from home.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

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Re: Internet not working - Ongoing fault

Hi @Rycar Sorry you are having a fault with your broadband connection.

Did you get this sorted with the second engineer visit? If not and you require our help to get this fixed we will be happy to help.



Community ModeratorJohnC
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