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Issues with internet

Hello, my internet connection has been very good for the last few years with no issues, but for more than a week I am experiencing dropped connections, usually every few minutes. I'm currently using bt infinity 2, VDSL2 connection and usually get 60~mbs download 12~mbs upload speed. Over the last week however, my connection will randomly drop, and when it reconnects my internet speed is 40~mbs download and as low as 0.2mbs upload speed. My connection will then constantly drop every minute, making it entirely unusable. The connection I'm referring to is the dsl connection to the router, I have tried both my smart hub and a third party router, both experience the same problems. 

When the issue is at its worst, if my phone rings or is used the connection is immediately lost. When I phone 17070 and do the quiet line test in the test socket, the line has a constant low crackling sound and occasionally has very loud static/screeching sounds. I have tested two different phones (both cordless, no access to a corded phone). When I phoned 151, they said they could not detect an issue and that I sounded perfectly clear on their end. I have a master socket but have also tried multiple microfilters.

I would like advice as to what I should do, such as book an engineer, because my case sounds a little odd. While my phone does clearly have static, it is working fine and always has a dial tone. Over the last week my connection has sometimes been at full speed for 3-4 hours at a time without any issues. I currently have all electrical devices and my phone unplugged and my internet connection is exactly 49000kbs download 7200 kbs upload as reported by the router, I have never seen such specific and even numbers reported before which I found odd.

Sorry for rambling, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Re: Issues with internet

if you have noise on your line when using the test socket and connection drops when receiving a call then report a phone fault to 151 and just be insistent that you need engineer visit

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