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Keeping A Check On My Speed

I’ve just re-signed with BT Infinity 1. For sometime previous my speeds were way, way down. On Friday I had an engineer out from BT, he suggested removing my old main phone completely and changing the master socket from the hall to beside my Home Hub 4. He joined the BT cable to Cat 5 cable my own electrician had put in some time back when I completed an extension

My computing requirements are small. I live alone, most of my Internet activity is taken up with surfing and watching Netflix or YouTube, so speed isn’t really that important but I do want to keep a track of it over the next 10 days or so, just to see. I don’t do gaming or the like

I only use my iPad for actual computing and as of 8.00pm I’m getting latency 183, download 22.1 upload 6.9. Earlier in the day I was getting download of 25. Using Which? speed test

BT say ‘The minimum guaranteed speed you can expect from your broadband will be 31Mbps’. I might not understand why but I appreciate that distance from the cabinet to my home, that the quality of the wiring within my home might affect the BT figure, as well as the fact I’m not wired to the Hub but doing the test wirelessly

Given the above is that a reasonable set of figures (all I’m talking about is reasonable) or what ballpark figure should I expect. According to Google maps I’m 365 meters from the cabinet. For what I’m doing that’s probably more than adequate but I might get a cheaper package !!

Thanks for helping me understand where I’m at



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Re: Keeping A Check On My Speed

The speeds quoted by BT are connection speeds not download speed. You can run btspeedtester but for BT to help if download speed low the test has to be run with an Ethernet connection not wireless Check your router stats to check you actual connection speed

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Re: Keeping A Check On My Speed

Unfortunately there's not much help we can give as there are 2 things stopping us.

a) You can't get connection stats from the Hub 4 as they are held by the modem.

b) you can't do a wired test.

It is quite possible your router is receiving more than 31Mbps and there is something interfering with your  wireless.

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