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Knowle Village (Hampshire)



I live in Knowle Village PO17 5FP and a nice Infinity box has appeared, and also a few more around the area of my exchange.


However, the checkers say I can't get infinity, and the openreach website reckons 2014


How long after the installation of this box should I expect to be able to place an order as having less than 4mbps is fustraighting, and the connection isn't 100% stable as it should be (BT are aware of this)

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Re: Knowle Village (Hampshire)

The cabinet can be sat there for several months before it becomes live. The cabinet has to be blown fibre, power connected, splicing, etc

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Re: Knowle Village (Hampshire)

This was similar to me in Locksheath/titchfield last year- PO15 area. It took about 6 months in my case before I could sign up to infinity.


The 2014 date is the end date for the national roll out. Openreach used to put a more accurate date on cabinets but as the project changed they had to change dates which generated a lot of complaints. Offcom told them to fix this so (I think) all non active cabinet dates were changed to 2014 - until much closer to the activation date.


I guess you'll get Infinity sometime this year - Openreach are very active in our area at the moment. You're only a couple of miles from me so you may get the same engineer I had - he was very good, installed my infinity and previously had fixed a phone/ADSL problem for me.


Keep checking the phone number availability website. You'll probably see an estimated speed for your line before being given an availability date. In my case it was about a month from seeing the estimated speed to being able to order - but please don't use all my bandwidth when you get it Smiley LOL

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