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Lag Spikes / Bandwidth issues

So recently I've been having some internet issues and tbh i cba explaining it all again so here is the forum i posted it on : 
but ive now encountered a new issue
when someone is watching videos e.g. youtube or netflix it KILLS my ping / speed and i get horrible lag spikes this has only started recently and i cant think of anything we have changed at our end that could have caused it to suddenly seem to have rubbish bandwidth we used to be able to have loads of devices we had 
2 PCs, 2 Tablets, 4 Phones 1 Xbox and occasionally a Laptop all connected and most of them being used to watch / stream videos with no impact on the connection  we got but now its like walking on egg shells. Its only good when I'm home alone and even then I've noticed that if i try to watch a video on my phone it causes me to start getting erratic  ping rates. I've been dealing with this rubbish for 2 months now with almost no help from BT I'm left, as a 16 year old with not much background / knowledge in IT other than basics, to research and learn how it works to try and find a solution myself.
Anyone got any ides? Any help is much appreciated ThankYou !

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