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Lag spikes/ping fluctuations during games ONLY when netflix is being streamed.

I play league of legends.

While playing the game i have 18ms. 

When ever someone on any device connect to the same internet (whether it be via wireless or ethernet connection) and watches something on a VOD website. such as netflix, now tv etc etc my games ms fluctuates between 18ms and 200+ms.

It makes the game unplayable. 

This has happened since a little bit before august 2019. Thank god my contract is pretty much up and i can move to someone else.

I have 66 download and 19 upload. We have the speeds capable to run a game and a netflix video. Before august 2019 i used to be able to watch 1080p livestreams while listening to music spotify, be in game and also have someone in the next room watching netflix and my ms was a constant 18.

I am not completely literate with how internet connections work but i am very computer literate. 

I have tried many fixes, Different pcs, different cables, wifi connection, even changed the hub. An engineer from bt even came out to 'fix'  and issue with the box outside that they could see on their system. Nothing. No change.

As i said this problem only happens with netflix, nowtv i think i tried with itv player also.

When ever I tweet etc i get responses but during communication if i mention the many other posts on this website about the same issue they go silent.

Are they prioritising traffic to vod websites instead of games? isn't that illegal? 

Has anyone else had this same issue and found a fix that isn't something i mentioned above?

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