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Latency spikes, packet loss, connection dropping constantly

I've just recently switched to BT and am experiencing terrible connection problems.

I've been forced to use the BT Home Hub, which has absolutely dire Wi-Fi, and cannot use my Asus AC68U router, unless I don't want a land line. Apparently there's no way to opt out of digital voice, which is annoying - so I'm forced to use the provided router.

I've tried everything, both routers, multiple cables - I've got my desktop wired into the routers.

I get constant ping spikes/packet loss - which I've verified using WinMTR and traceroutes - making working from home incredibly difficult as I constantly lag or get kicked off of calls.

Gaming or streaming is also an issue, as it's impossible to play online with the latency spikes.

I've gone through the adjustment period where I was dropping numerous time for about a week and a half, but the line seems to have settled into the same poor performance.

I live in a block of 14 flats, and Openreach is the only provider in our area as we cannot get FTTP. I have asked around the building and the others have the same problem - however, no gamers, and others don't video call for work as extensively as I do, so they feel the problem less.

I've had about 20 engineer visits from my previous ISP - Plusnet and nothing was resolved. I've tried to switch to BT to see if there's any improvement, however I'm experiencing the same issues.

I've had multiple faceplates/sockets installed, I have all extensions disconnected, and I'm on a wired connection so I can't for the life of me get this fixed.

Any suggestions? 

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