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Re: Line Dropping/ Speed reducing


He was a BT engineer, not Openreach. 

BT don't have engineers.  Are you sure it was not one of the useless Qube engineers ?


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Re: Line Dropping/ Speed reducing

No idea, he identified himself as "from BT". He was in an unmarked white van.

As far as I'm concerned, he was representing BT, whoever he may actually work for. The end result was the same: I was dissatisfied with how he left me :

My "expected speed", as quoted by BT is 220-240 MBit/s

My "guaranteed speed2, as quoted by BT is 150MBit/s

I had been running, since September 2020 at 265MBit/s until mid-April

When he arrived it was at 210Mbit/s. When he left it was at 190MBit/s. 

Seven hours later the line reset and I was down to 93MBit/s, with the BT Website saying call to be closed, no fault found. I rang this morning and was told an engineer would be called; I got a text saying it was fixed a couple of hours later. I was actually back up to 200MBit/s, so not fixed, just better than it was.

Openreach ran their "blue string" to my premises today, so hopefully salvation isn't far off.  However, there's another oddity. If I visit and go to the Full Fibre pages all the options are there for me to sign up (I went through an order, dropping out at "checkout" to prove it). If I log in, Full Fibre isn't an upgrade  option available to me. I rang again and the operative couldn't explain why, just that that was correct as it did the same for him too. Now I am feeling as though I am being played with 😞

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