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Re: Line Rate vs Attainable Rate?

@shaaaaaamo wrote:

I think most of the posters have missed the point entirely...


my connection speed i.e. line rate and hence profile has declined by almost 50% for no obvious reason. (not obvious in that attainable is not impacted.


im not a connection junkie obsessed with any kind of rates, I Just want what I pay for and what I used to get.


as it happens, this is about the 3rd time in 18 months I've bothered looking, specifically because my On Demand is dog slow and on speed testers I'm struggling to get about 3-4mb.



can I assume there is no useful insight beyond the possibility of the Cab getting loaded up and cross talk?

can you confirm you have a high noise margin?


if you do then its DLM that decreased your line rate.


That means its seen instability whether its excessive loss of connection or excessive CRC errors.

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Re: Line Rate vs Attainable Rate?

Hi Chrcoluk, Noise margin sat at 6db. Pre FTTC it was 9db but that was AOLs default (so Ireland told me!).

Just checked again this morning and profile is up to 31Mb... Im disappointed that its not the full (infinity 1) sync I used to enjoy but I suppose I was one of the first on the Cab so the only way was always down!

If it plummets again I'll use the link to contact the Mods.

Cheers for the Replies.
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Re: Line Rate vs Attainable Rate?

the ip profile is not DLM, dont confuse it as such.


Basically if your noise margin is 6db and your sync speed has dropped then DLM hasnt cut your speed, its as I was originally posting you have lost attainable sync.


There is a lot of misinformation on this site about the ip profile, its not DLM and its not a line cap.

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