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Line attenuation has Nearly Doubled.

Hello all,

Over the weekend my Smart  Hub  resync'd during the day and I have noticed that the Line and Signal Attenuation rates have almost doubled.

They are normally around:

Line attenuation:             17.1 dB

Signal attenuation:          0 dB / 17.1 dB

But are now:

DSL uptime:

0 Days, 0 Hours 14 Minutes 57 Seconds

Data rate:

20.00 Mbps / 62.10 Mbps

Maximum data rate:

22829 / 74568

Noise margin:

6.5 dB / 6.1 dB

Line attenuation:

30.1 dB

Signal attenuation:

18 dB / 30.1 dB

The Sync Speed is about the same as usual.

Any Idea why this may happen ? I have rebooted the Hub but no change.




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