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Line stats information



I've recently moved from a slow ADSL connection to Infinity 1 and (surprisingly) the process has been smooth and easy, and I've not had any problems. Naturally, I'm keen to get the best out of the connection I can, but I'm a bit green when it comes to understanding what the stats from the HH5B I have are telling me.


My speed from the speed test is absolutely fine (37.6Mbps down, 8.9 up, 34ms ping) so I've not got any issues (that I know of anyway) I'm just wondering what the noise margin and attenuation figures are telling me. I'd always thought that they should be low for a good stable line, but mine seem quite high - definitely higher than the figure of 6 that I see quoted everywhere.


I've attached the helpdesk info below - if someone would be able to tell me what these figures are telling me, I'd really appreciate it - I realise there's nothing wrong with my connection, as I'm getting the speeds I'm paying for, I'm just curious ... 


Also if/when the fabled upgrades to 50-odd Mbps happen, would my line be able to deliver more?


Thanks ...





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Re: Line stats information

as you are on infinity 1 which is capped at 40mb and your attainable is 63mb then for you a noise margin higher than the 'normal' 6db is expcted to allow scope for speed to increase nearer the attainable  BT have said with the next price increases in July 2016 then customers will be upgraded to the new 55/10mb package and you should get the max 55mb and you will see your noise margin drop to nearer 6db

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