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Low Download Speed

I  currently have Broadband 250 with Halo 1.

Download speed should be 285 Mbps, Upload 30 - 44 Mbps Stayfast guarantee is 150 Mbps

Actual speeds are 147.87 and 48.51

I have a Smart Hub 2

Speed test shows download could/should be up to 303.55 Mbps and upload as 50 Mbps

Hub downstream is 329.115 Mbps upstream is 49.3 Mbps

Using ethernet cords and cables for all testing and at master socket 5c. 

Have checked for line noise using corded tele instrument at inner socket - quiet

Have I got a faulty home hub or do I need to get BT to reset the download speed


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Re: Low Download Speed

Ring 0800 587 4787 they should be able to sort it out for you.

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Re: Low Download Speed

I reported a fault and the nightmare began. The first CA (customer adviser) thought it was an external fault.

Next day I had a text asking me to ring back, the CA I spoke to arranged for Open Reach to attend.

Open Reach eng came, plugged his tester into the NTE and declared everything OK. Referred me back to BT.

I rang faults again and each person I spoke to played "pass the parcel"

Eventually a CA said he would order another Smart Hub, it would arrive tomorrow. We all know tomorrow never comes, and neither did the hub.

A week passes and I call up again and get a CA to order a replacement hub. All was going well until I asked for the tracking info, and 'click' the call was terminated. Needless to say no hub. 

All this because BT had reneged on my contract and increased my Broadband and Exch line  price. Eventually I think that has been resolved. Come the next bill will show. Each time I rang up I seemed to get a new contract albeit a faster download speed.

I'm back to "is my hub faulty" or is there a fault at the Exchange. As my hub was supplied in January 2019, is it up to me to source a new one or as I'm in a contract is it BT's problem.    

It has been two months since all this began. I almost forgot, on renewing my TV package BT were expecting me to send back my Freeview Box supplied in Jan 2019. How can you watch TV without a set top box ?

I certainly will not be renewing my TV contract again.




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