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Low broadband speed

Since 9th of August my garmented broad band speed of 71 mpbs  has never been above 52 mbps. I have in total been on the Bt Fault s queue for a total of 3.50 hours! I have had an engineer out to check my internal equipment whis is all ok, a second Outreach engineer came oy to fix the problem, after a rendition of how the fiber cable goes back to the exchange he said the fault has to be in the  street box, which is 50 meters from my front door , he said he would check it out got in his van and disappeared and not been since!  have been in touch with all 4 UK and Southern Ireland  and my fault has still not been  repair. I was told by and anonymous Outreach Engineer they are working round the clock to replace the copper with fibre and this is creating lots of faults on the system. To date 3 complaints have bee lodge by the Bt faults people on my behalf and I completed a 800 word complaint form my self, there has been nothing come back as to those complaints other than and e-mail telling me I need to book and engineer, the Dublin based operator tried to do this but could not access the fault page! I no think I am being fobed off as Bt know the fault is of their making  not even an offer of compensation for loss of service. Is there any one in the 0151 code area having similar problems?

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