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MOD Request: DLM Reset request - Infinity2

Hello there,


I was wondering if any mod is able to help me with a DLM reset on an inifnity2 line (Speed profile).

Local outages combined with some dodgy modem code and many reboots on my Draytek device seems to have thrown DLM into a tizzy. For several months now my line has been stuck at a low sync rate. 55Mbps. I have previously enjoyed 75Mbps+ for several years but DLM doesnt seem to be responding over time.

I'm currently set on a far side 8/9db SNR. Prviously the line has been stable at sub 6db at much higher sync rates.


Previously an engineer visit has fixed this issue with a reset a year or so again prior to local issues, however the wait time on an engineer is several weeks in my area.

Phoning BT support asking for a DLM reset is met with blank responses. One chap said that because an engineer is now scheduled for several weeks his automated proceedure would be unable to proceed for any advanced reset options.

I've seen several people on here have had sucess with mod responses with this particular request so thought it was worth a try rather than waiting.


Thanks in advance.

Please find VDSL line stats and cabinet stats attached below.



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Re: MOD Request: DLM Reset request - Infinity2

I’d be interested to know too. After having problems with my wiring, activating the trip switch multiple times, I’m now on a banded profile.

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Re: MOD Request: DLM Reset request - Infinity2

the problem with TPlink is there are no stats showing the dsl connection time all it used to show was system uptime which means nothing really

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Re: MOD Request: DLM Reset request - Infinity2

Well that was weird.

After a few months looks like DLM kicked back in and Draytek increased line sync by 20Mbps

If a MOD on this forum did anything, huge thanks. If not, guess I just got lucky with timing.

I guess I'll cancel that engineer call now 🙂 SNR margin back down to 4 so far with no errors. Lets hope it continues to 3.



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