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Re: Missed off the OpenReach Fibre Survey - Neighbours have it but BT deny its existence outside me

Thanks, here are a couple more images, if that helps at all.  

It is definitely overhead Fibre & the OpenReach engineers have confirmed as such.  

Just sounds like even though we went through noise, disruption, road closures whilst  Open Reach installed it down our road we  have more chance of winning the lottery than gaining access to it despite being promised it and paying inflated bills for months whilst we waited for it to 'click in & start'.  

There are two houses down my road so I am baffled why they would run fibre past us to benefit other similarly rural properties yet miss us out.  

Is the only option to involve the Ombudsman or write to the Sunday Times Jill Insley and try and get her to take up the case? 





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