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Re: Moving house and early cancellation charge

@morsing wrote:

BT and OpenReach is the same company, don't let BT fool into thinking they're not... If they tell you that, they're lying.

they are not the same company but are part of the same group BT.  they must treat all ISPs equally as decreed by OFCOM and failure to do so will result in fines - other ISPs will not hesitate and proably take great delight reporting openreach if they could prove BT retail received preferential treatment

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Re: Moving house and early cancellation charge

This forum though is for BT the ISP not Openreach.


This forum is for all aspects of the Infinity service provided by BT Retail (isp).  That includes those aspects of the service that BT Retail buy in from other vendors; whether or not those other vendors are part of the BT Group.


BT Retail are responsible to the customer for the service they provide; including all necessary work by subcontractors/vendors.

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Re: Moving house and early cancellation charge

'It has everything to do with BT. My ISP wouldn't charge me that if they had a choice. BT is twisting their arm...  (As always)'


HA HA, your ISP is playing the old, blame BT trick and you have fallen hook line and sinker


BT don't rent out Infinity to other ISP's, Infinity is purely the brand name they sell the FTTC/P service under that they wholesale from Openreach.


Like BT your ISP pays a Wholesale price per every FTTC connection they lease from Openreach, which is something like £102 a year.


Your existing ISP should have provided you with a Home Move Solution like BT Retail offer but they clearly have taken you for a mug.

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Re: Moving house and early cancellation charge

Keep it calm
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