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Moving master socket/extension

I currently have BT Infinity installed however we are looking at moving house in the next month or so. 


First thing I did when we went to view the house (which is an old building) was look for the BT line. This house has phone sockets everywhere - including on the kitchen wall around light switch height Smiley Frustrated


My main concern is that the telephone line comes from the rear of the property but I couldn't see where it entered the building. I'm sure it came in via the upstairs landing window. Whether there is only a junction box here and the line runs to a master socket downstairs, I don't know (I hope to god the kitchen one isn't the master socket as it's directly below the landing!)


If for example the socket was upstairs or indeed the kitchen, am I allowed to have these moved to somewhere more convenient like the front of the property behind the TV and would this be free as part of the installation (I've just had Infinity installed in this house so within a contract). If not would they run an extension for free and would this have much impact on speed. I should be able to get 78-80mb/s.


My worry is that a third party company always installs Infinity round here and not BT Openreach. They do have a small BT logo on the vans, but they are called Kelly Communications so not sure if they'd do this?



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Re: Moving master socket/extension

You are right to be concerned. In my experience Kellys will do the minimum possible to get the installation done.
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Re: Moving master socket/extension

What I would do is get a brand new line installed and if you are not going to be using the current extension socket then nothing to be worried about.


A new line means new cabling and you can choose where you want your master socket - also it is certain to be a proper OpenReach engineer.  New lines are free providing you get a broadband package with a home phone package.


This is what my sister did when she moved home, but I fitted some extensions for her - took a few hours to do a neat job.

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Re: Moving master socket/extension

I went back to the house today for measurements and check the BT Line, and my worst fears came true - the master socket is indeed in the kitchen! There aren't any sockets around for a good 2 metres, or more if going to the living room where the router would ideally be. 


I phoned BT Moving Home to see what they'd say regarding the issue and they said I would have to pay the £130 as there's a line already in the property so I don't 'need' to have it moved. I tried explaining the MS is in the kitchen and that it has no sockets to plug the router - and that I wouldn't have the router on the kitchen worktop anyway - but the guy wouldn't have any of it and wouldn't budge.


I was also told I wouldn't be able to organise the new line/have the engineer out until the move went through - so I have to order a 'moving home' install where they won't be able to actually install on that day because I then have to order an engineer to put in a new line which could be another few weeks/months. Seems a bit strange!? I'd have thought they could install the new line at the same time as the home move and do everything together!?



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