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My BT Infinity Story and Below 1MB Download Peaks.



This post is mainly for the BT Customer Forum Mods. As I understand it's one of the required resources needed for their contact forum, but if you feel like you have a possible solution or you have been in the same situation then please reply to this post, it would be most appreciated 🙂 


Excuse for the overload of detail, once there is a bee in my bonnet, I have to make it be known. 


Over the past 3-4 Months I have had numerous problems with my BT service, all starting from when I had BT Infinity installed, as far as I'm aware I was the first in my cabinet to be connected. When the Installation was supposedly completed I was left with a speed the was slower than my former ADSL Service and without a phone line that worked. I was unable to make or receive phone calls for around a week. Thankfully my Internet was fast enough to load the 'BT Contact Us' page and report the fault.


Around 3 Days later a BT Engineer finally came out and fixed the problem. The engineer was dumbfounded as to why the previous engineer left us without a line. He said that was the reason why we was receiving the speed we was getting. When he returned from the cabinet,after around 1h 30mins, he said: 'That thing needs a major face life'.


The time waiting was worth it though, as he had fixed the phone line as well as completed the BT Infinity installation which the previous engineer was supposed to do. After he left I rushed to the nearest computer and done a speed test.

Here are my results:













These speeds where higher than my estimated speeds, little disappointed by the ping, but overall very happy. 


I thought it was necessary to fill you in with my previous experience with BT, just so you know what's been happening, I've had other problems in the past with them I could talk about it, but that wouldn't be relevant or a good investment of anyone's time. Though now to my current Problem. 


[ Current Problem ] 


My Current Configuration:


Currently I'm using a 'NETGEAR WNDR3400 N600 Dual-Band Wireless Cable Router' instead of my BT HomeHub3. The HomeHub3 was causing me to have a Strict/Moderate NAT Type when playing online games. I also have the default router that you have to use for Infinity which is the 'ECI Telecom WGA-ECI-CPE-Modems Type 1B'. 


How It Started:


The Problem started around 2 weeks ago when I was browsing videos on Youtube. After a while I noticed the videos where buffering more than usual and then the videos weren't loading at all. I tried loading to see If the problem was on my end and indeed it was. I knew this because never loaded. 


So I went downstairs to my Router and Modem and reset them. I reset the modem first, followed by the router. I know how it works after so many problems 😉 


I then went back upstairs to my computer, to see if that had fixed the problem and it had not. I went back downstairs to check the wiring and to cut the power to the router and modem from the switch. Waited 30 seconds, turned it back on, checked all the lights where the colour they where supposed to be, went back upstairs to check if it was fixed, and not the problem still existed. 


I left it for the night because I thought it might just be something on BT's end or something like that.


I woke up the following morning and I tried to connect to the interent and yes I could finally load webpages. I done a speed test to see if my speeds had been restored to what they where before and they hadn't, which I found pretty strange. 


I thought maybe the speeds would be restored gradually throughout the day or over the coming days, but they weren't. Over the next 2 weeks this one off problem became a regular occurrence. Every night what happens is around 8-30 - 9:00PM I would gradually loose my download/downstream speeds. 


Notice I said download or downstream speeds, my Upload/Upstream speeds never get hit. They always stay consistent around the 14mb -16mb speeds. The download speed would be around the 1MB or more recently 0.04MB Speed.


When this problem started happening I switched back in the HH3 just to see if it was the netgear router that was causing me problem, but it wasn't. I got the same results with HH3, and in some test, even worse results. 




Time for some evidence and numbers to back this up, here is a screen shot of what speeds I typically received before I got hit with this problem:


My Typical Speeds.PNG

Pretty good speeds in my opinion. Now when I get hit with this 'problem' my Speeds decrease to:


Download: 0.04MB

Upload: 14.21MB

Ping: 24.3ms 


I would provide a screen shot here but a majority of the time my speeds are so slow I can't load any webpages. 


Though when in the morning my speeds are restored, I get these speeds: 


BT Wholesale Diagnostic Test.PNG

















If you cant read that it says: 


Download: 10.56MB

Upload: 8.83

Ping: 19.83


At the time of writing this, these are my current speeds:


BT Site Speed Test.PNG






























This is the fastest I've seen it in two weeks, commonly I see the upload speed being faster than the download speed, which is just crazy. 


I've been screen shooting different speed test sites, just so I have more than one site to reference from. 


[ Calling BT Customer Support ] 


I reported this to BT Customer Support last night, I left it this long because I was trying to fix the problem myself by playing with the network and searching the BTCare Community Forums and Google for solutions


When I phoned BT I waited for around 15 minutes to talk to someone and when I finally talked to someone it was just a man reading of a script, telling me to do what I had done a million times before and every so often say ' I think we have a serious problem'. He ended the call by passing the problem over to the BT Engineers, and that they would contact me within 24 hours. 


24 Hours has been and passed, no one has contacted me about the fault. Though what has happened is that the fault has been assigned to my BT account, so I can track the fault and see how it's progressing. Even though the fault still exists and is still annoying as it was at the beginning, BT think they have fixed the fault. Here's a screen shot:


Fault Report Check.PNG































































This brings you up to speed as to what has happened so far and what the fault actually is.




  • Everynight around 8:30 - 9:00pm my Internet speeds decrease From 10MB download, was 54MB before this problem, to under 1MB. My upload/upstream speeds are never effected by this problem.  
  • The speeds then restore in the morning to around 10MB download and 8MB Upload. The speeds are never restored to the speed before of 54MB.
  • During this period of 1MB speed, I'm un able to load any webpages. It renders the Internet useless, in a household which is highly dependent on Internet. 
  • This fault has been present for around 2 weeks. 
  • I phoned BT Customer Support hoping for 'Support' but was met by a 'Script. 
  • My fault is marked as fixed when infact the problem is as present as ever. 



This problem needs to be fixed and dealt with soon before I go crazy. For the past two weeks I've not been able to use my internet past a certain time which is stupid. I've heard of traffic managing but this just takes the biscuit. I'm not sure if BT enforce a traffic management policy, but from 50 odd to below one is not acceptable.


All I ask is for appropriate and swift action so this problem is fixed. I don't want to be met with another generic script reader who tells me to reset my router/modem and wait until all the lights are on.   


If anyone did read this, thank you for reading, I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time... I didn't realise lol. I guess I kinda enjoyed writing it. Until the next problem I have with BT(shouldn't be long)...




Jordan Brookman




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