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My Broadband keeps disconnecting.

Hey guys, wondering if I can get some help here...


For about 24 hours now my hub has been disconnexting from the internet. It stays connected for 20 mins or so if I'm lucky and then randomly disconnects. 


I have rang up the customer service number and spoke to a lovely indian woman. I found it incredibly difficult to understand her but I think I got the jist of what she was saying, apparantly they are monitoring my line and are going to ring me up monday to update me on what to do next. 


Since I've talked to her my hub has disconnected several times, really **bleep** me off. The woman told me there's nothing wrong with the exchange and it's gotta be something on my end.


Anyone had this experience and sorted it out? Is there a number I can ring to get more help? The woman was lovely don't get me wrong, it was just very hard to understand her. 

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Re: My Broadband keeps disconnecting.

have you tried a factory reset using the recessed button on back and hold till lights flash?


are you using the test socket with a new filter or do you have a filtered faceplate?


try quiet line test  dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone


can you go to hub manager then troubleshooting then helpdesk and post stats 1-12


are you using wired or wireless conenction?  do hub light stay blue?

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