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My experience of recent upgrade to BT Infinity

First it did not go well. After a few days my broadband connection kept dropping out, often a much as ten times a day. Finally in despartartion I phoned the help desk and as usual I spoke to a nice gentleman 5,000 mile away with an accent I could not understand.  Evenually, it was arranged for an enginner to vist and he changed both the Modem and the Hub. Still the problem continued.  Another phone call to India resulted in another engineer visit.  He belived that the fault was in the infamous "green box", but this was another department of BT and he could only report his findings.  After a few days, I can only presume that the fault in the box was fixed as I now get a good connection.

I only have two comments to make.

1. Firstly BT need to train their engineers better on fibre optic and stop recruting installers on contract who clearly don't know their job.

2. Secondly, BT should realise that BT stands for "British Telecom" and not "Indian Telecom" and bring their Help Desks back to the UK.  Odd how their Sales Desks are in the UK!

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Re: My experience of recent upgrade to BT Infinity

Hi RTFishall,


Thanks for posting. Sorry you didn't have a great experience to begin with. I hope it's all running well for you now. Let us know how you're getting on.





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Re: My experience of recent upgrade to BT Infinity

I have the same issues since moving to infinity! Slower speeds for 1!
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Re: My experience of recent upgrade to BT Infinity

You are posting on a year old plus post
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